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Get LinkerLogs files

If you agree with the license conditions you can download the LinkerLogs files in a zip file here to cut your own pieces, just like the ones we cut at the 2009 San Mateo Maker Faire. They include ShopBot sbp files, PartWorks crv files, and CAD drawings of the pieces in dxf format. Sketchup models of these pieces are also available in the Sketchup 3d Warehouse. The files were created for nominal 1/2" ply which varies in thickness, so there are versions with slots that are .48" wide for plywood that's .46" thick, and slots that are .50" wide for plywood that's .48" thick, so that the fit isn't too tight for small kids. They all have the Z-axis zeroed at the top of the blank, with tabs to hold the parts in place while cutting and ramped entries for the bit to help make them last a little longer.

There are 2 folders of ShopBot files in the zip file. The files in the "LinkerLogs cut 2 passes with quarter inch bit" folder engrave the angle of each angled piece on the part with a 1/4" bit and cut out the parts in 2 passes with the same bit, and will be useful for tools that don't have excellent holddown capabilities. The files in the "LinkerLogs cut 1 pass with multiple bits" folder engrave the angle of each angled piece on the part with a 1/4" bit but cut out the pieces in 1 pass with a 3/8" bit, for ShopBot owners that can cut more aggresively.

Feel free to make toolpathing changes to suit your cutting style, material thickness, and tool setup, either re-toolpathing the files from the enclosed.crv files or starting from scratch with the dxf file. The dogbones in both are sized for a 3/8" or smaller bit, and the engraved angle markings require a 1/4" bit to get enough detail. To make sure that your pieces will fit correctly with others, though, please don't change any of the fundamental design features for these beginning basic pieces..slot spacing, widths, etc... but feel free to create and design new shapes and pieces based on these measurements. Just make sure to send us files and pictures of your new pieces so that we can share with the rest of the community.

And most of all, enjoy your new LinkerLogs!